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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Training and Education Center of Excellence

SAPRTEC is a capability within DoD SAPRO responsible for standardizing training and education across the DoD. SAPRTEC strives to develop, deliver, and oversee training, education, and related requirements for integrated primary prevention and sexual assault response throughout the DoD to enable standardization and continuous improvement.​

​SAPRTEC addresses recommendation 4.4a from the Independent Review Commission on Sexual Assault in the Military: Establish a Defense Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Training Center of Excellence. It serves as the executive agent for Integrated Primary Prevention Workforce training and education and is standardizing prevention and response training for consistent application across the DoD.

SAPRTEC Lines of Effort​

  1. Provide oversight of training and education requirements​
  2. Develop, deliver, and assess training and education for the integrated primary prevention and sexual assault workforces, providing standardized curriculum and methods​
  3. Inform policy developments to reflect emerging requirements
  4. Incorporate new knowledge and developments within for continuous improvement​
  5. Build and maintain communities of practice​

Principles of Effective Prevention Education and Training

  1. Varied Teaching Methods: Strategies should be interactive and encourage skill-building​
  2. Sufficient Dosage: Activities should be held frequently to have an effect and measure impact​
  3. Theory Driven: Strategies should have scientific backing or logical rationale
  4. Cultivate Positive Relationships: The most effective programs emphasize positive, healthy relationships
  5. Comprehensive: Programs are one piece of the prevention puzzle and must be integrated with other efforts
  6. Appropriately Timed: Efforts should be timed in a way to maximize impact in the lives of participants
  7. Socio-Culturally Relevant: Programs should be tailored to cultural beliefs as well as community norms​
  8. Well-Trained Staff: Staff should be sensitive, competent, and receive adequate training and supervision​
  9. Outcome Evaluated: Evaluation is critical to determining program efficacy and measuring outcomes

SAPRTEC Course Catalog

The SAPRTEC Course Catalog offers a consolidated, comprehensive listing of SAPRO course offerings and more than 30 self-paced courses and webinars available on Joint Knowledge Online for SAPR professionals. The catalog is now available on the VALIANT and SPARX Connection community of practices. To learn more and to view the catalog, click here.

Terminal Learning Objectives (TLOs)