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Prevention Strategy

Since 2014, the Department of Defense has provided strategic-level sexual assault prevention guidance designed to ensure the Department executes proactive and comprehensive sexual assault prevention programs in order to enable military readiness and reduce - with a goal to eliminate - sexual assault from the military.

View the Prevention Plan of Action

The 2019-2023 Prevention Plan of Action (PPoA) was released by SAPRO on May 2, 2019 to guide the Department’s prevention efforts at each echelon of the military environment. The PPoA identifies the key military stakeholders and resources that make up the system needed to improve prevention efforts and lays the foundation for concrete action to address sexual assault in the military environment.


“SAPR Connect” Community of Practice

To assist military sexual assault response professionals, the DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office developed and manages “SAPR Connect,” an online platform to collaborate and share ideas, research, insights from experts, and news from the field. This common access card (CAC)–enabled collaborative community of practice is critical to ensuring DoD has dynamic and responsive sexual assault prevention efforts. SAPR Connect provides users a wide variety of resources to ensure sexual assault prevention programs are as effective as possible.

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