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Sexual Assault Prevention Plan of Action (PPoA)

The 2019-2023 Prevention Plan of Action (PPoA) was released by SAPRO on May 2, 2019 to guide the Department’s prevention efforts at each echelon of the military environment. The PPoA identifies the key military stakeholders and resources that make up the system needed to improve prevention efforts and lays the foundation for concrete action to address sexual assault in the military environment.

PPoA and supporting documents are avaliable here:


The Department has maintained a commitment to addressing some of the most challenging issues we face, including harassment, sexual assault, suicide, domestic abuse, child abuse, and substance misuse.  Our evolving approach to violence prevention has led us to more holistically address the underlying factors that contribute to these readiness detracting behaviors.

To this end, the Department has published the DoD Instruction 6400.09 “DoD Policy on Integrated Primary Prevention of Self-Directed Harm and Prohibited Abuse or Harm”, which implements an integrated violence prevention policy that is the first of its kind. Informed by best-practices in the field, this policy creates a unity of effort across prevention programs and policies; establishes a common, research-based framework for violence prevention; and focuses prevention efforts on those activities that have the greatest potential to reduce multiple forms of violence that affect the military community. 

The Department of Defense Integrated Primary Prevention Policy is available here:

DoD Integrated Violence Prevention Policy