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Sexual Assault Prevention Plan of Action (PPoA)

The Prevention Plan of Action (PPoA) 2.0 was released on May 27, 2022. PPoA 2.0 establishes a framework to guide the development, implementation, and evaluation of integrated primary prevention. Importantly, PPoA 2.0 builds on past work by reinforcing the tenets outlined in the 2019-2023 Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention Plan of Action. The update reflects the Department's focus on integrated primary prevention, which comprehensively addresses sexual assault, sexual harassment, retaliation, domestic abuse, suicide, and child abuse.

PPoA 2.0 and supporting documents include:

PPoA 1.0: 2019-2023 Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention Plan of Action, can be found here.

DoDI 6400.09: DoD Policy on Integrated Primary Prevention of Self-Directed Harm and Prohibited Abuse or Harm

DoDI 6400.09 implements an integrated violence prevention policy that is the first of its kind. Informed by best-practices in the field, this policy creates a unity of effort across prevention programs and policies; establishes a common, research-based framework for violence prevention; and focuses prevention efforts on activities that have the greatest potential to reduce multiple forms of violence that affect the military community. DoDI 6400.09 can be found here.

Prevention Workforce Model

The Prevention Workforce Model (PWM) provides a set of guidelines and considerations for the development and implementation of a Department-wide prevention workforce. The PWM aligns the Military Departments and NGB’s efforts on their respective workforces and ensures a shared vision for implementation across the Force. The PWM can be found here.