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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office


Leading Change

DoD SAPRO leads change by overseeing the implementation of all policies and standards of sexual assault prevention and response. DoD’s sexual assault-related policy is adopted by the Military Departments and aims to translate concepts into action, improve outcomes, and achieve results that endure.

DoD & Services' Policies

The Department is committed to being a national leader in preventing and responding to sexual assault.
DoD and each of the military Services have issued policy to assure compliance with our mission and the rule of military law. The DoD Directives and Instructions represent requirements in the NDAA and incorporate the recommendations found in the Task Force Report on Care for Victims of Sexual Assault (1.6 MB) as well as from Public Law 108-375, the Ronald W. Reagan National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2005 (2.34 MB).

DoD Policy: Directives, Instructions, DTMs, and Memorandums & Guidance

DoD Directive 6495.01 establishes the broad policy parameters of the SAPR Program for the Department. Detailed procedures for key areas in the SAPR program are found in the DoD Instruction 6495.02 under the DoD Instructions tab. Tabs for DoD SAPR-related Directive Type Memorandums (DTMs) and Memorandums & Guidance follow.

Services' Policies