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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office

Sexual Assault Prevention
and Response Office

The Sexual Assault Prevention
and Response Office (SAPRO) is responsible for oversight of the Department's sexual assault policy. SAPRO works hand-in-hand with the Services and the civilian community to develop and implement innovative prevention and response programs.


SAPRO Announces 2018 SAAPM Theme

The Department announces its 2018 SAAPM theme and provides guidance for planning efforts here.

DoD Releases APY16-17 MSA Report

The Department announced the release of its Annual Report on Sexual Harassment and Violence at the Military Service Academies for Academic Program Year 2016-2017. Find the APY16-17 report here.

DoD SAPRO Director's Message

Click here to see RADM Ann Burkhardt’s Director’s Message video focusing on the Department’s commitment to ensuring excellence in victim advocacy and sexual assault prevention as a means to promote readiness.

DoD Safe Helpline Release New Self-Paced Online Program

Building Hope & Resiliency: Addressing the Effects of Sexual Assault is a new anonymous, self-paced, online program designed to help restore resiliency in survivors of sexual assault in the DoD community. This resource is specially designed for cadets, midshipmen, and other Service members who may have been victims of sexual assault or abuse prior to entering military service, but will benefit anyone seeking to strengthen their resilience after trauma. Find it on or the Safe Helpline app for easy, 24/7 access. Find more information here.

DEOMI and SAPRO Partner to Launch New Tools

SAPRO works hand-in-hand with the Military Services and the civilian community to develop and implement innovative prevention and response programs. In collaboration with the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), SAPRO is dedicated to providing the resources commanders need to address issues identified by the DEOMI Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS).

DEOMI and SAPRO partnered to launch a series of new tools and products, such as videos and interactive training modules, to increase knowledge and awareness of behaviors that impact command climate and offer ideas on how leaders might respond to the DEOCS feedback

Visit the DEOMI DEOCS Assessment to Solutions site here.

DoD Safe HelpRoom Now Hosting Ongoing Male Survivor Sessions

As of May 14, 2017, the DoD Safe Helpline hosts Safe HelpRoom sessions for military men every Sunday from 1300-1500 EST. These sessions provide men with a confidential and anonymous space to connect and share their experiences with other survivors. The Safe HelpRoom is a 24/7 online, secure, and moderated group chat service where military sexual assault survivors can find peer support.

For more information and to join the sessions, please visit Download the official flyer here.

DoD Releases FY16 Annual Report

The Department issued its congressionally mandated Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military on May 1, 2017. Find the FY16 Annual Report here

SAPR Source Now Available!

The Department is pleased to announce the launch of the new "SAPR Source" webpage. The webpage serves as an authoritative, one-stop shop for SARCs, SAPR VAs, and other SAPR professionals to access timely updates on victim assistance and prevention efforts, activities and events, tools and guidance, and important program and policy updates. SAPR Source is updated monthly or as-needed with key information and resources. Check out the new SAPR Source!

DoD Retaliation Prevention and Response Strategy Implementation Plan

The DoD Retaliation Prevention and Response Strategy: Regarding Sexual Assault and Harassment Reports outlined five issue areas that identified how the Department and the Military Services will prevent and respond to retaliation related to reports of sexual assault or complaints of sexual harassment.

The Department recently released the accompanying DoD Retaliation Prevention and Response Implementation Plan, which details how DoD and the Military Services, to include the National Guard Bureau (NGB), will execute tasks in the identified issue areas and institutionalize a comprehensive and consistent approach to retaliation prevention and response across the Department related to reports of sexual assault and complaints of sexual harassment. Moving forward, the Military Services will align their Service retaliation prevention and response strategic policies and plans with the RPRS and this implementation plan.

DoD Plan to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Assault of Military Men

Sexual assault destroys unit cohesion and threatens the readiness of our troops by eroding bonds of trust that make our military strong and effective. The Department has released the DoD Plan to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Assault of Military Men to ensure its existing programs and services meet the needs of all Service members. View the Plan here.

DoD Recognizes Innovative Efforts to Prevent Sexual Assault

DoD announced the recipients of the 2016 Sexual Assault Prevention Innovation Award. The award honors groups and individuals from each military component who contributed an innovative idea or approach to positively affect sexual assault prevention. The goal of the award is to spark creativity and incentivize efforts to address sexual assault prevention. Check out the DoD News article for the list of this year's awardees.

Safe Helpline's Follow-up Support Service

Safe Helpline now provides users with the option to receive follow-up support, connecting them with additional resources to aid in their recovery. Follow-up support is entirely optional and available to those who have not yet filed a report or connected with their SARC or Victim Advocate. A phone number is the only personally identifying information (PII) that is required. Find more information here.

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